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    Want to Buy a Business?

    Here at East Coast Stores LLC we provide an array of businesses to choose from. We offer businesses from Bagel Stores and Deli's, Pizzeria's and Restaurants, Laundromats and Clothing Stores to Pet Groomers and Franchises. The list goes on! Simply head to our home page ...

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    The answer to this question is very SIMPLE; A business broker provides a meaningful, valuable and professional experience through the ENTIRE process!   Understanding how hiring a business broker proves beneficial can be the difference between a successful or unsuc...

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    Foreign Investor Visas

    The United States is still the land of opportunity and the world’s largest economy. People from around the globe want to immigrate to the US because off the limitless opportunities for individuals and families. Among the most uncomplicated ways to move permanentl...

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    Business Financing @ East Coast Business Brokers

    East Coast Business Brokers has been your one stop shopping destination for business aquisitions and financing.  Our contracted vendor "Preferred Funding Group" has been helping us bridge the gap between the liquid capital you are working with and the total aqui...

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