Perfect Business for Education Majors or Teachers!

Suffolk County Tutorial and Academic Coaching Company for Sale!

  • Established Legacy: Over 14 years in operation, this well-established business has become a trusted provider of tutoring, academic coaching, homework support, and test preparation.

  • Certified Teachers and Tutors: Boasting a team of certified teachers and tutors, the business offers a wide range of educational services. With over 3000 tutors available, the company caters to the diverse needs of students, including special needs children and specialized curriculums.

  • Extensive Reach: Servicing 65 districts, the business has secured regular contracts with all districts annually, providing a stable foundation for sustained growth.

  • Adaptability Post-COVID: Recognizing the increased demand for educational support post-COVID, the business quickly adapted to the changing landscape. Students needed more help, leading to a surge in private sales as children transitioned to learning from home.

  • Current Performance: Pre-COVID, the business generated $650,000 in gross receipts. Notably, May-June sales are currently spiking to unprecedented levels, showcasing resilience and growth potential.

  • Part-Time Operations: With only two part-time employees in addition to the owner, who dedicates 10-15 hours weekly, there's room for expansion and increased operational efficiency.

  • Ideal Opportunity for Educators: Suited for education majors, teachers, or individuals with a passion for the education sector, this business offers a unique chance to make a difference in students' lives.

  • Owner's Involvement: The current owner, who holds a full-time job, is willing to stay on for an ample transition period, ensuring a smooth transfer of ownership.

  • State-Wide Virtual Contracts: With virtual contracts in place statewide, the business is positioned for growth and flexibility, tapping into a broader market.

  • Seize the Opportunity: Sales are currently at record highs, making this an opportune time for a prospective buyer to capitalize on the business's success.

  • Financials: Prospective buyers are required to have Proof of Funds (POF) ready to disclose to their agent.

  • Contact Information: For listing your business with East Coast Stores, obtaining a free valuation, or exploring referral opportunities, please contact us at We welcome quality listings!

Note: Growth spurts have been observed after COVID, signaling the potential for continued expansion and success in the future. The increased demand for educational support reflects the business's adaptability and the essential role it plays in addressing the evolving needs of students.

Property Information

  • Listing Number: 11884
  • State: New york
  • County: New York

Financial Information

  • Asking Price:$799,000
  • Gross Income:$998,000
  • Cash Flow:$278,000

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